Today's Prayer Times In Lake Mary, FL

  • FAJR
    5:10 AM
    6:41 AM
    1:34 PM
  • ASR
    5:05 PM
    8:27 PM
  • ISHA'A
    9:52 PM
Heathrow Muslim Community Center (HMCC)

Family Religious Educational Programs

  • Monthly family nights
  • Host one day conference
  • Arrange transport to the regional conferences
  • Host annual tarbiyah camp
  • Sisters weekly halaqa
  • Invite guest to provide religious and social perspective on issues important to the community
  • Sisters & Brothers “Welcome Ramadan” & “Qiyam UL Layl”
  • Sisters conduct “Dora E Quran” during Ramadan (Full Quran translation & brief tafseer)
Heathrow Muslim Community Center (HMCC)

Youth Programs for Young Muslim

  • Have established group of about 15-20 young adult brothers
  • Group have weekly halaqa and followed up with basketball game
  • Have annual camp
  • Participate annual leadership conference
  • Have established group of about 30-35 young sisters
  • Group conducts monthly halaqa
  • Organize outdoor activities
Heathrow Muslim Community Center (HMCC)

Children Program

  • Establish children activities
  • Have monthly programs for children
  • Have online resources of children programs
  • Activities focus in establishing Islamic values in our children
Heathrow Muslim Community Center (HMCC)

Dawah Programs

  • Under Why Islam & Gain Peace hold Dawah workshops and programs
  • Setup Dawah Booths & Distribute Dawah material
  • Invite guest to provide insight into Dawah work
  • Under Embrace organize revert programs and activities
  • Street Dawah (5 Shahada’s)
  • Masjid Open House
  • Sisters participated food distribution at Ronald MacDonald House
  • Sisters conducted campaigns for “Front Line Professionals”, “Police Officers” & “School Teachers”
Heathrow Muslim Community Center (HMCC)

Social Services Programs

  • Arrange events & campaign to address social issues, e.g Palestine & Kashmir events
  • Organized workshop to address social needs such conducted workshop on bulling for our kids in the public school
  • Under Zakat Foundation run international campaigns to provide help to folks around the world
  • Under Zakat Foundation run domestic programs such feed the hanger & back to school bags
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